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The Los Angeles real estate market is tough, competitive, and filled with people who will try and swindle you for a dollar. John Kostrey is the exception. He’s a diamond in the rough—an ethical, knowledgeable agent (who will fight for you).

A short story to persuade you. I’d been looking for a house for around 4 months. I bid on a house I really liked that I could afford. We did the usual inspections (general, sewer, chimney, foundation) and nobody found anything all that damning about the place. The appraisal came back at our bid price. It needed work, but it was going to be ok. However, because of the hillside location John suggested we also get a geological engineer to look at the property. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the extra money (engineers are expensive) but he insisted. As it turns out, the geo guy DID find problems. His report was bad enough for us to back out of the deal. A lesser agent would have stopped us after the normal inspections, but John’s experience and thoroughness kept us from making a grave mistake.

I continued to look for months and John never hesitated. He went out with me to almost every showing multiple times a week. If he couldn’t make it, one of his great assistants same along. I probably saw 60 properties with him over the course of six months, but who’s counting.

I am now a proud owner of a beautiful home in Eagle Rock and it’s thanks to John Kostrey. Even after the sale is complete he’s recommending me contractors, painters, movers, alarm companies. He knows his market and he knows it well.

If you’re looking for an agent—stop. Hire John.

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