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Bought a Single Family home in Van Nuys

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Sarah McMaster (and John Kostrey) are absolutely incredible.

We met Sarah through a referral of a friend that could not stop talking about Sarah long after she bought her second house (first was with Sarah too). She’s aces from the very first moment. After interviewing a few realtors, my husband and I both agreed (we’re first time homeowners) that for the immense process we were about to undertake, we’d feel most taken care of by Sarah who has been in the business forever and had such ease with every single step.

Sarah is a dream. Really. We saw so many listings (especially in the first month) and she always had creative ideas, listened, and bounced more off us. She even opened us up to some hot NELA neighborhoods we’d never been to! And great ones at that!

Flash forward to offer time: we couldn’t have had better advice the whole way. And it was really stressful. She checked in with the listing side like a hawk on every one, and sent us updates right away. Never once did we have to call her to say “Any updates?” We were always with the Pro.

Sarah attended every inspection, every walkthrough, and Escrow/closing. There was not a single house appointment she missed. We asked to use all of her favorite inspectors and inspection specialists, and could rely on everyone at every moment. In fact we ended up hiring a few for the contract work once we closed. She’s dedicated, detail oriented and extremely caring.

We hit a few little tensions with the seller towards the end and every day my husband and I, after a day of stress, looked at each other, laughed, and said “can you imagine if we didn’t have Sarah? Thank GOODNESS!” Everything worked out. She’s a dream.

Her team is really accessible and timely too. Now we understand why our pal was so emphatic about Sarah and The Kostrey Collection, we couldn’t be happier, and are referring her to anyone we hear say “I’m thinking about buying/selling a house…”

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