“Here comes the sun. Here comes the sun. And I say, It’s all right?”And it’s alright in this cozy cottage behind a classic white picket fence. Step inside to see loads of vintage charm and immediately you’re drawn to the light, coming from the windows, framing the green of the surrounding hills. Looking below, what? A pool? THAT you did not expect. .. BONUS! In the comfy living room, you take a gander. .. hardwood floors, period moldings? your boxes getting checked. Down the hall, tucked to the sides, three beds and a bath. Is someone making tea? You invite yourself into the kitchen, oh the delight! In this remodeled space. .. you can cook up yummy dishes! Stepping out and down the steps, you’re taken to another surprise below? an extra space with bathroom–this just keeps getting better. Hardly able to contain yourself, excite for all the possibilities. .. Is it time to reunite your shoe-gazer ensemble? Airbnb? Mama? It’s waiting for you to take it to its next phase. .. some projects await!